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Single phase Prepayment Meter

P12G04-Single phase Prepayment Meter

Single phase Prepayment Meter

Product Overview

Sanxing’s P12G04 range is a single phase two wire split keypad DIN-Rail prepayment meter. The meter consist of two parts, the MCU(Measurement Control Unit) and CIU(Customer Interface Unit). This allows Utilities mount the MCU in a meter cabinet located on the ground or on the top of pole, while the CIU installed at a point of convenience within the customer’s premises. The small footprint of the MCU allows the installation if multiple units in one enclosure, resulting in cost saving for Utilities.

MCU (Measurement Control Unit) The MCU contain measurement and control circuits as well as a disconnection device. The MCU allow two elements of double-circuit measurement, and can be equipped with double relays. The MCU contains LEDs for Consumption Rate, Communication Status, credit status and in addition Contactor Status could be as an optional.

  • Main Features
  • The main Function
  • Technical Parameters

    Communicate with CIU via PLC/RF/M-Bus, depends on site applications if apply for split keypad;

    Integrated narrowband G3 OFDM PLC, SFSK or SP300, depends on site applications;

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