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Pad-mounted Transformer

Three-phase Pad-mounted Distribution Transformer

Pad-mounted Transformer

Product Overview

Compact construction ,small size ,easy for installation,hermetically sealed ,safe ,free of maintenance .

Protection :with bay –one fuse and sensing fuse or isolation link on HV side ,on LV side with secondary circuit breaker for over load protection .

HV side with insert bushing and bushing well ,safe and convenient .Loop type and radial type are both available .

High quality construction of metal core ,low noise ,low loss .

Other accessories :pressure release valve ,oil indicator ,oil filling valve ,tap changer ,load switch and so on .

  • Main Features
  • The main Function
  • Technical Parameters

    Compact structure and small size

    Fully sealed and fully insulate,without power distribution room ,to ensure the the personal safety

    Low loss ,low noise level, green ,suitable for residential use

    Strong ability to withstand overload,short-circuit ,impulse voltage

    Safe and reliable,with self protection from overload,short-circuit and impulse voltage

    • Elbow type cable joint, safe,easy to use, convenient installation and easy replacement

    • Frequency: 50 or 60Hz

    • Capacity Range: 2500kVA and smaller

    • Primary Voltage: 34500GrdY/19920V and below

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