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Three-phase Oil-immersed Transformer


Product Overview

Three-phase Oil-immersed transformer adopts high quality silicon steel sheet iron core, or amorphous metal core,which have high mechanical strength, high anti short circuit ability, low loss and low noise. This series of transformers are widely used in all kinds of residential area, commercial buildings, communal facilities, industrial and mining enterprises, electricity generation enterprises and grid network in urban and rural areas.

  • Main Features
  • The main Function
  • Technical Parameters

    Low No-Load Loss

    Low No-Load Current

    Low Noise

    High Cost Performance

    Low Loss & Noise

    High quality silicon steel sheet iron core, 45°ramp-type joints, five steps lamination fold, high lamination factor, or amorphous metal core, low loss,low noise.


    Oil tank is fully sealed corrugated type, the sides of the tank can be totally sealed by bolted joint, thus the oil is isolated from the air to ensure the transformer needs less maintenance and has a long service life. The corrugated type oil tank also looks beautiful with small space occupation.

    High Mechanical Strength, High Anti Short Circuit Ability

    Laminated wood constant pressure device, high mechanical strength, Coil insulation adopts diamond dotted paper, the coil will be integrated after solidification to ensure the high anti short circuit ability.

    Strong Over Load Ability & Long Service Life

    Coil adopts curtain type oil way, excellent heat dissipation ability to ensure low temperature rise and a long service life.

    Low Energy Consumption & Operating Cost

    This is a new type of energy-saving distribution transformer, the annual energy consumption of each unit reduces a lot.

    Insulating parts (like end coils, cushion block, strut, etc.) adopt hot press technology to ensure the mechanical and electric strengths, and also narrow down the contraction rate to increase the uniformity of the products.

    Special fixing devices to make sure the reliability during transportation
    All fasteners will be fixed by special bolts. Lead wire also adopts the special fixing structure.
    Vacuum oil filling process is adopted for transformer sealing to clear the moisture, thus the insulating parts and oil will be isolated from the air to prevent the insulating parts and oil from ageing caused by the invasion of moisture and oxygen invasion.

    • Frequency: 50 or 60Hz

    • Capacity Range: 10~2000kVA

    • Primary Voltage: 6kV-36kV

    • Secondary Voltage: 415-600V

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