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Epoxy-Resin Filled Dry-Type Transformer


Product Overview
Epoxy-Resin Filled Dry Type Transformer adopts the third-generation HTT advanced technology from Germany, use class F or H insulation material and vacuum pressure mirror pouring technology. This series of transformer apply to below 20kV, 50Hz transmission & distribution system, and widely used for residence, business building, public utilities, industrial and mining enterprises, power generation enterprises, urban and rural power grid, is one of the most ideal green environmental protection power supply and distribution equipment.
  • Main Features
  • The main Function
  • Technical Parameters

    • Safe, fireproof, maintenance-free, can go deep into load centre directly

    • Low Noise, low loss, non-pollution, green

    • HTT technology for Germany, high mechanical strength, high anti-short circuit ability, small partial discharge, high thermal stability

    • Strong overload ability, operation at 150% rated load under the forced air cooling

    • Epoxy vacuum pressure mirror pouring technology, beautiful appearance

    Iron Core

    The material of the iron core is high quality cold-rolled silicon steel with high permeability and low loss. Adopt ramp-type joints lamination structure to effectively reduce the noise, loss and no-load current. The surface of iron core is sealed by insulating resin to make it moisture proof, anticorrosive and reduce the noise.

    Low-voltage winding adopts foil winding structure, the raw material is imported copper foil from Germany, both sides of copper foil are circular arc form to eliminate the quality accident caused by ordinary cooper foil edge burr. High-voltage winding adopts subsection cylinder type structure, strengthened glass fiber, insulation level F or H, padding technology from HTT Germany, vacuum pressure casting and resin mirror pouring technology to ensure the low partial discharge (less than 5 PC), high strength and stability.

    • Voltage Class: 6kV, 10kV, 20kV,35kV

    • Tapping Range: ±2×2.5%,±5%

    • Vector Group: Yyn0,Dyn11 

    • Capacity Range: 30-2500kVA

    • Insulation Level: 6kV LI60 AC20,10kV LI75 AC35, 20kV LI125 AC50, 35kV Li170 AC70

    • Insulation Class Class: F or H

    • Voltage Regulating Method: de-energized regulation

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