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Single phase Smart Meter

SX1A1-SELS-05-Single Phase Smart Meter

Single phase Smart Meter

Product Overview

The SX1A1-SELS-05 series single-phase meters are used to measure and record the consumption of electrical power in single-phase two-wire LV networks. With advanced functionalities on smart energy management and communication capabilities over GSM/GPRS, PLC, RS485, the meters are aimed to be used for AMI/AMR/AMM and smart grids.

  • Main Features
  • The main Function
  • Technical Parameters

    ■   Open Protocol: DLMS/COSEM Standard

    ■   Internal switch relay for load demand control by configuration or remote communication

    ■   Remote/local firmware upgrade

    ■   Four Communication Mode(plug/unplug module)


    ·Four quadrant reactive power
    ·Apparent power
    ·Load profile
    ·Register13 month of billing data
    ·Individual phase voltage/current
    ·Power factor/ frequency
    ·Active/Reactive/Apparent/Demand/Instantaneous Measuring

    Communication Interface
    ·Optical port
    ·For PLC modem or GSM/GPRS modem

    LCD Display
    ·Auto scroll display mode
    ·Manual scroll display mode
    ·Power-off display

    ·Up to 8 tariffs
    ·Two sets of tariff schemes( active/passive calendar)
    ·Up to 100 special days,12 season tables,8 week types,8 day tables,12 entries in a day table

    Event Record
    ·Event log
    ·Error handling and alarm

    Tamper Recording
    ·Open meter cover/terminal cover/box cover
    ·Strong Magnet detection
    ·Power reverse

    ·Remote/local firmware upgrade

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