1Development Route: Planned in 2002, opened in 2006, Mergering in 2015

2Medical Status: 13 hospitals

3Development Strategy: Three-medical strategy

4Development Pattern: Three-famous pattern

5Medical Fund

6Physical Hospital


1Development Route

1AUX entered into medical industrial since 2002, one of the earliest social capital medical service companies in China.

2Zhejiang University Mingzhou Hospital, the full-capital investment hospital by AUX, established in 2006, has developed one of the largest, highest standard integrated private hospitals.

3The medical group set up in 2014, mainly on the medical investment, hospital construction and operation, medical rental and financial service.

4In 2015, Sanxing Medical mergered Mingzhou Hospital, marking the new development strategy is focusing on the healthy industrial.

2Medical Status

With more than 10 years development, AUX positively research the special route of private capital medical service, focusing on always providing the high-quality medical service to the society.

Sanxing Medical set up Ningbo AUX medical group (hereinafter as “AUX medical” ) as the platform of medical investment. AUX medical put the hospital as the core, implement the development strategy on physical hospital, web hospital, medical insurance, relying on the take-over, acquisition, cooperation, joint venture, building several development patterns, root in China and layout globally, integrating the domestic and overseas high level medical resources.

Presently, AUX medical and AUX cloud fund have operated and invested 13 medical institutes including 4 integrated hospitals, 9 specialist hospitals(women and children’s hospitals, 3 body check centers, 4 recovery centers, 1 optical hospital) with total beds more than 3000 sets in 5 cities in China.

3 Development Strategy

In the future, AUX medical will continuously optimize the medical chain layout, execute the strategy of physical hospital, web hospital and medical insurance. We plan and target to merger more than 150 medical institutes with more than 20 thousand beds within 5 years, to be Chinese leading medical service and investment group.

Put the physical hospital as the core, structuring the integrated service platform, developing web hospital and medical insurance in parallel, constructing medical industrial closed loop circle.

Three-medical strategy: physical hospital, web hospital and medical insurance

4Development Pattern

AUX takes full advantage of the innovation system and mechanism of private enterprises, relying on the "three-famous" pattern, carrying out all-round strategic cooperation with well-known medical institutions, universities and associations in brand cooperation, discipline construction, team training and other fields, focusing on quality medical resources, making intensive cultivation in Zhejiang Province, taking the regional expansion road

Elite schools: carry out strategic cooperation with domestic and foreign first-class universities, medical schools, build a school-enterprise cooperation platform, and enrich medical talent reserves;

Famous hospitals: carry out "hospitals cooperation" with the famous large-scale complex hospital, specialist hospital, and create special procurement clinics;

Noted physician: bring in well-known experts at home and abroad, form doctors group, establish partnership mechanism, and build career development platform

5Medical Fund

In order to speed up the investment in medical treatment and health care industry, the company has successively participated in the establishment of two medical industry funds: Beijing Chunfeng Bairun equity investment partnership (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as "Chunfeng Bairun Fund") and Ningbo AUX Kaiyun Medical Investment Partnership (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as "AUX Kaiyun Fund"). Chunfeng Bairun fund mainly invest in Internet-based medical treatment, AUX Kaiyun Fund mainly invest in hospital entity.

6Physical Hospital

Integrated Hospital

1 Zhejiang University Mingzhou Hospital: AUX medical flagship hospital, located in Ningbo Yinzhou District. Mingzhou Hospital is a large modern comprehensive hospital, established in May 2006, the bed was 1250. It is built according to the standard of grade III, class A hospital, and made up of medical, scientific research, teaching, rehabilitation, health care. It is one of the largest and highest standard private hospitals in Zhejiang Province, and also designated medical institutions of medical insurance. It has established 37 clinical and medical disciplines, among which obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, general surgery were rated as characteristic disciplines in non-public medical institutions of Zhejiang Province. It intended to become AUX Medical flagship hospital, and model hospital.

2 Nanchang University School of Medicine Affiliated Fuzhou Mingzhou Hospital: It is a under construction, modern large-scale comprehensive hospital of AUX Medical, and made up of medical, teaching, scientific research, preventive health care and rehabilitation. The project is located in Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province, adjacent to Nanchang University Fuzhou Medical Branch. The transportation is convenient. Planning to covers an area of 170 acres, and planning to prepare 1,000 beds

The hospital will focus on creating gynecology, oncology, general surgery, digestive medicine, cardiovascular medicine, respiratory medicine, orthopedics and other characteristic departments to meet the needs of multi-level medical services. Relying on the advantages of Nanchang University Fuzhou Medical College in teaching, talents, medical and scientific research resources, it aimed at the establishment of a excellent, rigorous and realistic professional medical team, strived to build a medical education and medical research center in Fuzhou City, and try to create a " sufficient famous doctors and disciplines with specialists" high medical college affiliated hospital.

3 Hangzhou Mingzhou Hospital (SAHZU International Medical Center): a high-end comprehensive hospital co-founded by AUX Kaiyun Fund and Zhejiang University Medical College Affiliated Second Hospital. Located in Hangzhou Xiaoshan Qianjiang Century City, covering an area of 40,000 square meters, it has 180 beds, focusing on the Department of Cardiology, minimally invasive surgery, a breast surgery, thoracic surgery and other major departments

SAHZU International Medical Center will be based in Zhejiang, offer service to the middle/high-end patients in East China, strive to build a "overall layout is reasonable, resource allocation optimized, leading discipline construction, excellent medical technology, mating scientific research and education, harmony humanistic environment, satisfying medical service", which is a high-quality hospitals and a set of medical treatment, prevention, education, scientific research, and rehabilitation. Comprehensive strength can achieve the advanced level of world-class hospitals.

4.Zhebei Mingzhou Hospital (Huzhou First Hospital International hospital area): a high-end comprehensive international hospital, co-founded by AUX Kaiyun Fund and Huzhou First People's Hospital in accordance with the international JCI certification standards. It is located in Huzhou City Center Park Road 255, covering an area of 25,000 square meters, prepared more than 300 beds

Based on the expert team of Huzhou first hospital, Huzhou First hospital international hospital is a set of medical, teaching, scientific research, preventive health care and rehabilitation, and can meet the needs of multi-level medical services. It is the first one in Huzhou to establish large-scale hybrid operating room, modern endoscopic center, high-standard tumor radiotherapy center, hyperbaric oxygen therapy center, severe rehabilitation medicine center, chronic kidney disease diagnosis and treatment center, pediatric clinics and other medical centers, and provide patients with global customized appointment, convenient outpatient services, smart ward, VIP care and other people-oriented services.

Specialist Hospital

5Yinzhou Women and Children's Hospital: AUX Medical's specialist hospital, which is one of the key livelihood projects in Yinzhou District, Yinzhou Women and Children's Hospital is located in Zhejiang University, Mingzhou Hospital, in July 2016 formally established, the hospital total construction area of about 30,000 Square meters, planning to set more than 420 beds. After nearly a year of construction, Yinzhou Women and Children Hospital will be officially opened on June 17, 2017.

Yinzhou Women and Children Hospital with gynecology, obstetrics, pediatric medicine, pediatric surgery, neonatology and other five major clinical departments, and plans to set up a number of outpatient and outpatient clinics to fill the area of women, Construction. At the same time, the hospital also supporting the construction of children's development center, post-natal rehabilitation center, baby swimming touch center, month center, specialist characteristics. Hospital will uphold the Mingzhou hospital "all patient-centered" concept, to create the perinatal care, childbirth, month, maternal and child health management integration services maternity and child specialist hospital.

6Ningbo Mingzhou International Health Center: Ningbo Mingzhou physical examination is a set of physical examination, health care, general health care, health consulting and management as one of the large modern, standardized, first-class health management institutions, also Medical examination is first ranked for 7 years in Ningbo. Mingzhou International Healthcare Building construction area of 12,000 square meters, the allocation of 33 beds.

7) Ningbo Mingzhou people physical examination center: set of physical examination, health care, health consulting, general health care, post-mortem management, family doctors and other multi-functional in one of the modern, standardized, first-class level of large-scale medical center. With more than 4,000 square meters of physical examination space, can accommodate more than 500 people a day physical examination. The hospital has a medical, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage, rehabilitation therapy and other characteristics of the clinic, a great convenience to the community daily routine treatment, better for the people of Ningbo health.

8Huzhou New Zhejiang North physical examination center: It is located in the most leisurely quality of the Long Island Park in Huzhou City(Building 20, Building 23, Building 25, Building 27), convenient transportation and beautiful environment, which is the first " Medical and examination separation", in Huzhou, to professional, intelligent, human services for the characteristics of the high-end health examination institutions.