Ningbo Sanxing Medical & Electric Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Aux Group, was founded in 1986 and launched IPO in June of 2011. It is a leading supplier in Integrated Solutions of Smart Power Distribution and Consumption.

   We have R&D and MFG sites in Ningbo and Hangzhou in China. We own two overseas factories in Indonesia and Brazil. We built marketing channels and strategic cooperation projects in over 50 countries and regions.

—  文化理念  —

A company could only achieve success with right people.

Zheng Jianjiang, Chairman of

Realize value and undertake responsibilityOne dream

All is achieved by following the economic value and the rule of rationalityTwo basic rules

Learning is one's lifelong companion, time is the precious wealth and persistence is what it takes to succeed.Three keys to success

Customer demand; problem exposure; benchmarking; product leadingFour core focuses

Six maxes, eight approaches, WeChat group, conference interaction, collective decision-makingFive approaches

Three Main Strategic DirectionsHealth Care Business, Internet and Intelligent Business ;International Business

Three Ten-Billion-Yuan TargetTalent Cultivation Project, IT Management Project, Annual Revenue.

Three Innovation SectionProduct, Management(IT), Human Resource

—  发展历程  —

  • Start-up period (1986-1993)
  • Growth period (1994-2009)
  • Take-off period (2010-)
  • 1986Year
    7 founders, led by Chairman Zheng Jianjiang, took over the business of a watch part factory in Long Guan Town. Our leaders saved it from bankruptcy and laid the foundation of success.
  • 1989Year
    We extended our business to metering by developing the first plastic terminal cover in China.
  • 1990Year
    On the basis of successful OEM, we started to build and sell whole meters.
  • 1991Year
    Ningbo Sanxing Instrument Factory was founded, which was the birth of brand Sanxing. We built our own R&D department to work with MFG.
  • 1993Year
    Ningbo Sanxing Group was founded and became the largest corporation in China metering business. We were granted the right of exporting electric meters in the same year.
  • 2001Year
    Ningbo Aux High-Tech Co., Ltd was established. It was a sign of entering power distribution business.
  • 2008Year
    Our group was restricted and named as Ningbo Sanxing Electric Co., Ltd.
  • 2011Year
    Ningbo Sanxing Medical & Electric Co., Ltd(SHA:601567) launched IPO in Shanghai Stock Exchange, the largest stock exchange market in China.
  • 2011Year
    Hangzhou Fengqiang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd, a subsidiary, was founded.
  • 2012Year
    Sanxing High-Tech Industrial Park was open for use. It would serve as the base of strong development in Smart Metering System.
  • 2012Year
    We fully acquired Shanghai Sinocera Inc. and fortified our advantage in electric power industry.
  • 2013Year
    Aux Financial Leasing Company was established as a sign of starting financial leasing business
  • 2014Year
    Nanjing Aux Electric Automation Co., Ltd was founded.

—  企业视频  —

—  资质荣誉  —

—  竞争优势  —

  • R&D

  • Intelligent

  • Quality

  • Strategic

  • As part of its product oriented, “quality as cornerstone, innovation as soul” philosophy, Sanxing Electric has established a powerful R&D team of more than 500 research personnel and has a national level enterprise technical center, national level postdoctoral research station. It invests more than RMB 100 million annually in its Sanxing Institution.

    It boasts the industry’s most complete laboratory system, including a CNAS certified testing laboratory, a communication laboratory and a reliability laboratory, equipped with first class electric energy metering testing devices, high-performance EMC testing equipment, complete environmental testing equipment and mechanical testing equipment. It also developed communication performance testing and outdoor meter simulation devices, which enable complete product type test and reliability research. With substantial innovation results, the company participated in developing a number of national and industrial standards, which helped to form a complete propriety intellectual property system.

  • In Ningbo Sanxing Medical & Electirc Co., Ltd, we have a system to monitor the whole manufacturing process. Materials will be sent IQC before production line on which modules will be produced. They will be  transported to assembly workshop(single/three phase meter lines are in different location) through a line overhead. Finished products will be packed and stored in a complete automated warehouse. 

      Ningbo Sanxing developed FIS(Factory Information System) to meet its management requirement. It integrated information from all departments including R&D, MFG, Supply Chain and Sales. The system makes it easy to focus on data analysis, information interaction, and P.O. tracking.

      Information related to orders and manufacturing is fully displayed in FIS, such as daily or monthly production statement, real-time production situation from certain workshop, production process of certain order and etc.

      The whole process of an order is integrated in FIS. Process that we are capable of managing through FIS include placing an order, technical evaluation, production plan, material procurement, production, storage and delivery. These information will be read in real-time. FIS is a powerful tool. It visualizes management, reduces lead time and increases delivery.

      Sanxing is deploying smart production lines to achieve “ A hundred people are able to manage a thousand-staff-scalefactory by deploying smart manufacturing lines“. 70% of manufacturing process is automatic. Calibration, product recognition, automatic storage, transportation are handled by industrial robot.

      In future, Sanxing will build unified platform for management on the basis of existing system. It will perfect intelligent control and traceability of product information. Supply Chain, R&D, QC, MFG, Sales will work together and dig deep to optimize and customize new system for all.

    Figure: Automated Prouduction Line (left) and Automated Warehouse(right).

  • “Quality as cornerstone, innovation as soul”. By adhering to the quality guideline of “fulfilling our commitment of quality by enhancing customer satisfaction through advanced technology and continuous innovation”, the company has established a complete quality management and system with quality as the first priority, total quality management as the concept, zero defect the target, fine management the norm, and lean production the approach.

    It sticks to careful selection of raw material and has achieved 100% inspection of key materials by establishing the best component testing laboratory of the industry, to control the product quality from the source. With extremely reliable and sophisticated detection equipment, capable inspection personnel and sophisticated production and inspection process, the company now has a total quality monitor system in place, including raw and auxiliary material, manual operation, process equipment, testing and inspection, resulting a highly reliable product quality control system that has truly achieved full-process controlled production and zero defect of released products.

  • In the future, Sanxing will rely on its advantages of human resources and industrial resources to further strengthen its research in smart grid, smart metering, new green energy utilization, industrial energy efficiency management, smart home system, energy storage system and other new technologies and new products as well as its application, improve the overall solution, so as to become a leading expert on smart power consumption and distribution.

    Through promoting the development of smart grid, Sanxing Electric will make best effort to provide better electric power and management services for your families, enterprises and cities, so as to create a smarter life for you.

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