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Ningbo Sanxing Electric Co., Ltd (Stock Code: 601567), established in 1986, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AUX group. With 7.8 billion US dollar annual turnover and more than 20,000 staff in 2013, AUX group ranked No. 255 among China’s top 500 enterprises in the year.

Sanxing Electric is one of the strongest manufacturers in China’s electricity measurement industry, with four major R&D and production bases respectively in Ningbo, Shanghai, Hangzhou, the company’s annual production capacity of energy meters reaches 25 million pcs, which is No. 1 in China. So do the Power Distribution Transformer and Energy Measurement Box,and has a R&D team of around 500 professional engineers concentrating on independent R & D and Innovation, the continuous investment into R&D is more than 16 million US dollar per year, accounting for no less than 3% of annual turnover.

By adopting the most advanced manufacturing techniques, logistics technology and smart Factory Information System (FIS), Sanxing Electric is capable of fully online quality controlling and tracking during production process, which ensures rapid organization of large-scale production and stable product quality control & management.

Sanxing Electric has a complete marketing network system in domestic market, the sales channels & strategic cooperation already cover more than 50 countries in overseas market. By holding industrial approved international certificates like STS, SABS, KEMA, UMI, SGS, MID, etc, the company already became a significant player in overseas market.

With company tenet “People Oriented, Sincerely Operating”, Sanxing Electric believes the company will continuously upgrade and expand in Smart Grid industry chain, targeting of becoming China Best and International Leading professional supplier of system integrated solutions and equipment.

—  文化理念  —

Leading an intelligent life and achieving superior careerOur mission

Becoming your expert on smart power consumption and managementStrategic Vision

People first Integrity basedPhilosophy of Business

Accurate, efficient, pragmatic, simple; Opportunities come from performanceValues

All is achieved by following the economic law of value
All is achieved by following the rule of rationality
An enterprise focusing on efficiency upgrading
Core Concepts

Theory of talent “Wild cattle” spirit: Confident, ambitious, humble, industrious and accountable Business is right when people is right Performance orient, development orient, performance drove, people-post fit, best use of talents Loyalty, dedication , responsibility , professionalism, collaboration

Theory of learningOnly companies that value the value of people are viable Learning is one’s lifelong company, time is the precious wealth and persistence is what it takes to succeed.

Theory of efficiencyIn today’s society of competition, it is not that the big eat the small, but the fast eat the slow; if you are not making progress, or your progress is not fast enough, then you are as good as retreating. What was considered rich 20 years ago is normal life today and what is normal life today will be considered poor 20 years later

Theory ManagementThere is no flower that never fades. The only thing we can do is to extend the life cycle through innovation. Rigid centralization, ordered decentralization, scientific management, controlled information Quality as cornerstone, innovation as soul When quality conflicts with cost, quality shall predominate; when quality conflicts with production, quality shall also predominate

—  发展历程  —

  • Start-up period (1986-1993)
  • Growth period (1994-2009)
  • Take-off period (2010-)
  • 1986Year
    Eight founders led by Chairman Zheng Jian Jiang started out by taking over the Long-guan Watch Parts Factory which was then on the brink of bankruptcy
  • 1989Year
    Started the presence in instrumentation industry by successfully developing the first full-plastic bottom cover of electric meter
  • 1990Year
    Ended the era of parts OEM and started the transit from the manufacture of electrical meter parts to the manufacture of the units
  • 1991Year
    Ningbo Sanxing Instrument Factory and the “Sanxing” brand were established and the company began to develop and manufacture its own electric energy meters
  • 1993Year
    Ningbo Sanxing Group was established, which became the largest manufacturer of electric energy meters with its products approved to be exported
  • 2001Year
    Ningbo Aux High-tech Co., Ltd. was established with its presence in power distribution sector
  • 2008Year
    The whole group was restructured into Ningbo Sanxing Electric Co., Ltd.
  • 2011Year
    Established Hangzhou Fengqiang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 2011Year
    Sanxing Electric was listed in the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange (Ticker:601567)
  • 2012Year
    Successfully acquired Sinocera Inc. to solidify it advantages in the electric industry
  • 2012Year
    The Sanxing High-tech Industry Park was built, which served as the base of the company’s strong development in smart metering and system terminal section.
  • 2013Year
    Started the presence in financial leasing section by establishing the Aux Financial Leasing Company
  • 2014Year
    Established Nanjing Aux Electric Automation Co., Ltd.

—  企业视频  —

—  竞争优势  —

  • R&D

  • Intelligent

  • Quality

  • Strategic

  • As part of its product oriented, “quality as cornerstone, innovation as soul” philosophy, Sanxing Electric has established a powerful R&D team of more than 500 research personnel and has a national level enterprise technical center, national level postdoctoral research station. It invests more than RMB 100 million annually in its Sanxing Institution.

    It boasts the industry’s most complete laboratory system, including a CNAS certified testing laboratory, a communication laboratory and a reliability laboratory, equipped with first class electric energy metering testing devices, high-performance EMC testing equipment, complete environmental testing equipment and mechanical testing equipment. It also developed communication performance testing and outdoor meter simulation devices, which enable complete product type test and reliability research. With substantial innovation results, the company participated in developing a number of national and industrial standards, which helped to form a complete propriety intellectual property system.

  • Through the introduction of information and automation technology, Sanxing Electric helps to plant intelligence into manufacture so as to create smart factories with full value chain integration. With its propriety FIS (Factory Information System), the company has established a comprehensive information management system, from R&D, manufacture and supply to sales service, achieving overall data focusing, comprehensive information interaction and full traceability of orders.

    It has introduced industry-leading intelligent production and testing equipment, fully unattended and automatic electric energy meter production lines, automated close-loop logistic system, 3 dimension automated warehousing, in order to forge manufacture capacity that is of largest scale, most intelligent and efficient in the industry.

  • “Quality as cornerstone, innovation as soul”. By adhering to the quality guideline of “fulfilling our commitment of quality by enhancing customer satisfaction through advanced technology and continuous innovation”, the company has established a complete quality management and system with quality as the first priority, total quality management as the concept, zero defect the target, fine management the norm, and lean production the approach.

    It sticks to careful selection of raw material and has achieved 100% inspection of key materials by establishing the best component testing laboratory of the industry, to control the product quality from the source. With extremely reliable and sophisticated detection equipment, capable inspection personnel and sophisticated production and inspection process, the company now has a total quality monitor system in place, including raw and auxiliary material, manual operation, process equipment, testing and inspection, resulting a highly reliable product quality control system that has truly achieved full-process controlled production and zero defect of released products.

  • In the future, Sanxing will rely on its advantages of human resources and industrial resources to further strengthen its research in smart grid, smart metering, new green energy utilization, industrial energy efficiency management, smart home system, energy storage system and other new technologies and new products as well as its application, improve the overall solution, so as to become a leading expert on smart power consumption and distribution.

    Through promoting the development of smart grid, Sanxing Electric will make best effort to provide better electric power and management services for your families, enterprises and cities, so as to create a smarter life for you.

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